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Prayer LIST

Bill Gillmore
Natalie Adams
Jewel Nead
Earl Adair
Martha Salas
Fae Myers
Stephanie Hensley
Reneece Saunders
Carrie Wolfer's cousin, Chris
Lynnette Forney

Ted Lockmiller

Crocker Family
Charlotte Jones Family
Nancy Henson's Daughter

Autumn Day
Vickie Emery

Russell Brinkman

Madeline Williams 

Gloria Mills

Wanda Ford

Bea Shelton                                                   

Barbra Cox                          
Mary Jo Brewington

Jeff Wolfer

Dianah Nelson                      
Gary Sperling
Tony & Dorothy Moreno  
David & Carolyn King         
Charlotte Dalton                   
Joni Worlledge

Annette Miller


Please be in prayer for all of those with colds and flu. 


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