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Learn about how to serve and where to serve.

Serving isn't just an important part of your walk with Christ - it's part of the foundation. Using your gifts and talents to benefit the local church is an avenue to move from being a spiritual consumer - to a spiritual contributor.

Why Serve?

Serving is a biblical principle - in fact, it was the cornerstone of Jesus' ministry on Earth. Jesus told us this in Mark 10:45 - "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve..." We also believe that serving is a key way to build relationships and community around you that will help you live life well!

Where and when do i serve?

We have opportunities for you to serve all throughout the week at a variety of different locations. To check out times and locations, check our "events" page or contact us at (816)-781-7559 for more information.

how do i serve?

To find out about opportunities to serve either at one of our events or at one of our worship experiences, you can email or call (816)-781-7559. There you will be directed on where you can serve and how to get involved.

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